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                                                 DOGMA AND SCIENCE

The dogma is a linguistic form which operates with two simultaneous aspects: the division or decomposition of reality into different elements, and, the extrapolation dissociative of only one of them from the real context of the whole.
The dogma is also the form of a dissociative idea from all other ideas of reality.
The culture is never dogmatic, because combines the universal condition  and, of existence, resulting in a direct and rationally.
The dogma is also the form of a dissociative idea from all other ideas of reality.
The dogma is presented as an impoverished form and utilitarian knowledge of natural reality.
The reductive form is also accompanied by prejudice discriminatory towards demonstrations, and examples of reversal of dissociation, it’s never  use of the comparative technique.

The dogma admits only one opposition and criticism ends in themselves, no real sense but only dialectical, and without the proposed method.
The dogma doesn’t allow any freedom, both in the different wording of the reality, it represented by the dissociation, both in the proposed comparison.
The dogma does not allow comparison or comparisons.
The dogma is the beginning and the end of an argument.

If it using the elementary mathematics can be said, that the number one, the first is as essential, as it’s useless without the two, 2, different and complementary.
The zero,is the initial and final of a series of numbers, can’t be considered a primary number, to the simultaneity of it’s interactive function.
 The dogma doesn’t allow the number two as equivalent, indispensable as useless by itself, too.
 Science is the formal description and technical reality, of all the objects in their units and elements properties.

The principle and method of comparison, both universal and existential, relative and absolute are the basis of scientific rationality.
Example; the solar system such as exists for the "Star" traditional name, and the planets have as its function:
 If there were the Stella- Sun there would be no overall system Planetarium and forms of life like ours, without light range.
The dogmatic form is the most applied in Europe, following the nuclear catastrophe, it seems turning in on itself of science.

The dogmatism European political culture has led to ideologies is related both absolute.
 The absolute: liberalism and communism; and related, it’s fascism, nazism and socialism.
 To them, the war, has added clerical dogmatism in Italy that led to a false Constitution, with the dual function of the joint House and Senate, a contradiction of tasks without  supervisory control and legislative, dissociation is a duplicate of function.
The reality Democratic provides for the Legislative Chambe, the proposal; for the control and legislation, there’s  Constitutional Court and the Senate.
It understands how the scientific culture is shaped and reduced to technology reductionist from dogmatism.
The dogmatism as reductive process, leads to a psychological behavior egocentric personality, who’s different and doesn’tt accept the cultural model of technical science "dogmatic" doesn’t exist or is ot allowed in the reductive reality, the scientific institutions in Italy and Europe.
The model contains over ten gaps and contradictions, irreconcilable, on single paradigm of basic of the  one element: electromagnetism.
The main one is a "sheer force" defined in half, to 4 interactions: Gravitazionale, the strong, the weak and the electromagnetic ,basis for everything: what is impossibile.
1 . 1 .1 .1  =  1
Math is correct.

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  1. Dear Mr. Mezzetti,

    I enjoy Your great offer about knowledge about "science and dogma". Your text here has been an great take to scientific (and) pragmatics - greetings.

    I will put it in my Blog here G+ and make an comment. "Sience and Dogma?". You worte: "... It understands how the scientific culture is shaped and reduced to technology reductionist from dogmatism..." ...from -. Well, that's an hard to take case about, where both - lead by the dogmatism? - "... Maths is correct".
    Let me say, the series-values, that from an function You notice even (Moussulini?/"Duce? /Senat /"Tribun?", " Mattey? ROM?), are numbers. There is'nt quite sure what they belong. In math's there is an very unknown of imaginary numbers, also in computation. The function regulation is uncertain about the heriditary resting from giveness. Is there a dogma? "The Dogma confirmed himself" in any/some sense is this true. But neigther nor it is and negative (Duality, what? High -Low, Top-Down; two components of (one) vector? for groups?). I think n-triangle are an quantisation of mathematic elements, so far are other, there is no reason what the map will (especial) show.

    So far its a great ideomatic idea by Yours - thanks for statement ;- ).